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Vilho Koskela - foreign equivalents?

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I'm trying to think of fictional characters who are the equivalent, for their own countries, of Vilho Koskela for the Finns.

In Koskela, we have a junior army officer from a working-class family; brave, resolute, and quiet. He comes from books that take a humanist point of view and a social realist style.

Yossarian and Crouchback don't exactly fit. Not exactly brave, resolute, and anything but quiet. The best I can do for the Australians is Ned Kelly, and he was a real person. Must have been a noisy one too, clanking about in home-built boiler plate armor.

Any suggestions?

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Yossarian is a dead give away to armenian (or cacuasus back ground)

All Armenians have 'ian' at the end of there name. So I am sure it would of come from around this area.

For instance my wifes madien name is Samouelian

Anyway I would disagree with your idea of an australian icon. We would have several

Ned Kelly was a bushranger and gained his fame by holding up stage coaches and robbing people. He has the same fame as say the american's billy the kid or Jesse James.

If you looking for a humantiarian that all australians know it would be Simpson.

Simpson and his donkey was a stretcher bear in the first world war at Gallipoli, he carried wounded men down the hill under all sorts of fire. until one day only his donkey came back with a wounded person on it and he didn't.

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