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**MikeyD Panther D Early CAMOU!!**

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The initial Panther D gets a camou paint scheme!

-Panther Ausf.D (early), CMAK and CMBB, bicolor camou

At our favorite site:


What ever I said about my earlier plain yellow Panther D (early) applies to this mod too. I shot for a 'classic' Kursk battles bi-color brush (or should I say mop) applied camou pattern done by troops in the field. Includes an optional 10th Panzer division cat head emblem, which was famously seen on the captured Panther displayed in Moscow in '43.

The screenshot:


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Earl Grey, I 'think' the first of my Pather Gs is going to be the steel wheel variant so I won't have to think about modified dished wheels for awhile. That G's practically a whole new chassis so it might be a bit extra time before anything appears... maybe. I always say a mod's going to take a long time then bad TV drives me into spending all my nights modding. ;)

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Steel wheels? Cool... And I know excactly what you mean whean you talk about bad TV. Okay, there's still my girlfriend complaining about me loving tanks more than her, so it usually takes quite some time when I do something. But what do I talk about...

Another thing: Could you maybe show me how you do Zimmerit? I'm in the painful process of doing it row by row and think there must be a better and faster way. But only if you have the time for it. Thanks.

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"I'm in the painful process of doing it row by row..."

Yeh, that sounds about right ;)

Okay, what I REALLY did was I drew a BIG B&W sheet of Zimmerit as a separate piece of art. Gawd, it was tedious! Ragged square/four vertical lines, ragged square/four vertical lines, ragged square/four vertical lines, etc. Shoot for 1/3rd more area than you imagine you could possibly use. I then messed with the art a bit: blur, sharpen, add noise, etc. till I was happy with it.

Then you select & copy a section from your big Zim original and paste as a layer into the bmp mod art. Set the layer to something like 'hard light' or 'overlay' at maybe 20-30% opacity so most of the lower art will still show through. Make sure the zim art is scaled to appropriate size and proportions (pick one surface and try to make all the other surfaces match). If your base art has non-zim items simply erase them out of the zim layer.

Most of the work is up front making a respectable Zim sheet. After that its just copy/paste/scale

Is this making any sense?

If you fall in love with adding Zimmerit, I do believe the last of the drum-cupola D models did come out of the factory with a Zimmerit layer ;)

[ February 05, 2007, 08:43 AM: Message edited by: MikeyD ]

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@MikeyD: It does make sense. Then I'm doing something very similar to your technique... not quite, but nearly.

For the Panther D: There seem to have been a fair number of D models with Zimmerit (and with different patterns, too) - and my sources tell me there might have been still some left at the end of 1944!

Anyway, I think I'll do an early D with Zimmert when I'm done with the Late D/Initial A. It's somehow fascinating me... ;)

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