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Photoshop problems

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hi all,

i recently got a new computer and just reinstalled my photoshop program. when i try to capture an image in CM buy hitting the print screen key and then view it in my photoshop program. an error message pops up and tells me that my photoshop program does not recognize that type of file extention. any ideas? i use Adobe photoshop.


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I have Photoshop (Elements 2.0 just upgraded to CS2). I have never had that problem with either.

Hit PrintScreen, go into Photoshop and go into a new file. Press Paste (or Ctrl-V or whatever those godforsaken Mac users press smile.gif ) and it should paste in okay.

So not sure what is going on with your system. One thing to make sure you do not do is go into another application (such as Word) and copy something because that will over-write your printscreen image in your clip-board meaning you will be trying to paste text into Photoshop.

Maybe also try clearing your clip-board. I know this can be done, but having never had to, I can't help you as to the mechanics for doing so.

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That just doesn't make sense as the contents of the clipboard aren't interacting with Photoshop in any way by your description. When you copy to the clipboard (print screen), it's not a file at all, it's just information saved in memory - there is no file or file extension.

Do you have Photoshop launched before you take the screenshot, or are you taking the screenshot and then trying to launch the Photoshop application when this error appears? What happens if you have Photoshop open with a new, blank canvas already created and then you try to paste to it?

But I'm with a previous poster and say move to Irfanview. Photoshop Deluxe is an old and cludgy program as I recall. If you don't have the real thing, then go Irfanview.

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the program i am using is Adobe Photo Deluxe Home Edition. i was saying Photoshop as a general term.

the message i get whether i run the program before or after i print screen is this.

"could not import the clipboard because adobe photo deluxe cannot recognize the file extention."

wheni was using windows 98 i never had this problem, now i am using windows xp home edition and i have this problem.

however, the print screen process works fine in mspaint.

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