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Exitzone appearance on turn option

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I have a friend trying to make a scenario with a battle on it take place, and meanwhile some units have to try to 'sneakily' exit. (meaning the defending axis have to do a escort/retreat whiles still defending the town they have to hold.

This idea really got to me.

Pitty that the Allied can see the exitzone al the while.

It made me think of a new option to the scenario editor:

The option to give a preset turn-time to the exitzone to appear into play.

This could make a game a battle at a frontline, and then just after a while, like a headquarters only then desides to retreat, ore go on a counter attack, ore a attacker go for a full approach, ore also a retreat.....

so it would be like a real order given to change a battle type.

U see what i mean?

Wouldnt it be a good option?

Maybe even a exitzone-hidden option?

No reason for the enemy to know what your up to.

Well atleast not all the time.

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