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House rules for Quick Battles?

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I have seen some guidelines for Quick Battle purchases that are meant to prevent picking ueber tanks in certain periods.

JasonC wrote some of those guidelines.

I saved them on a network drive but that disk crashed some time ago and I have no backup.

I have been trying to search for them in the forum, but didn't succeed. Does anybody know where I can find them?

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Is this what ur looking for?

posted 05-20-2006 08:22 AM


Rarity *off*, not standard. Standard favors the Germans, because it leaves their thickest armor readily affordable while making Russian counters too expensive. Similarly, it gives the Germans full access to quality arty while restricting the Russians to pop guns and a single medium type, the 120mm line FO.

Ubertanks that should not be taken unless there is prior agreement to play "no holds barred", in which case rariety must be off.

1941 - all KV models

1942-43 - Tiger I

1944-45 - King Tiger, JagdTiger, IS-2 1944 model, SU-100

You can also have a prior agreement for "vanilla strength armor", which in addition to the previous bans -

1941 - all T-34s

1942 - KVs, 80mm front StuGs

1943 - 80mm StuGs, Panthers, SU-152

1944-5 - ISUs, IS, Tiger I, Jagdpanther

All captured tanks, all periods

The basic intention of the default "no ubertanks" level is to remove items that cannot be effectively dealt with by common AT weapons of the era on the other side, even with coordinated tactics.

The basic intention of the second, "vanilla quality" level is to remove types that standard AT weapons of the era can't knock out from front aspect, regardless of range. It is meant to ensure a player that taking standard types for the era will give him effective weapons, not something readily "trumped".

The intention of "no holds barred" is to allow uberarmor but also all of its counters, thus to allow "trumps" but in all "suits", armor air arty all of it.

The reason to separate them is to avoid endless repeats of 1943 fights always being decided by Tigers or the StuG flanking nonsense we all got tired of a year and a half ago, and to avoid the gamey unhistorical force selection process that winds up with SU-152s and 57mm ATGs and Valentine IXs everywhere, with not a T-34 to be seen.

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