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Choosing HQs when mortar spotting

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I was trying to use my 81mm mortar to educate my enemy about the thinness of his tanks' top armor. I moved my Company HQ about 5m within a bunch of trees so that he could spot enemy tanks for my mortar guy (lousy weather). He is now 16m from the mortar. Unfortunately, as soon as the Company HQ moved a little further away, the mortar (who did not move) transferred command to some lame platoon HQ who has no LOS on anything, simply because the platoon HQ is 15m from the mortar. The mortar is in LOS of both HQ units. I wish there were a way to pick an HQ for mortar spotting when multiple are in range. Any tips?


Dr. Rosenrosen

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Nothing to be done. Mortars, like all teams, will latch on to the closest HQ. There is no way to choose. This is something that nearly everyone has learned to their inconvenience the first time.

On another note, there is probably a better use for your ammo than sniping at armor, unless it is very light. Only a direct top hit will damage most tanks. Halftracks and such can be taken out by a near miss, but this is very dicey if they're on the move.

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