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Uneven scenarios

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I've played quite a few scenarios, and I've found them to be quite balanced; I'm undefeated vs the AI. I normally play both sides against the AI, so it's not just a question of me always picking the stronger side.

I haven't played many scenarios vs humans, but most end up in a draw.

Most WWII battles weren't balanced to begin with, so scenarios based on historical battles shouldn't be either. One of the most appealing aspects of scenarios, in my opinion, is that historical scenarios allow players to see if they can beat the odds, and pull out a victory from a desperate situation.

I digress.

It's important to mention the Scenario Depot, even if several others have mentioned it already. It really is that good.


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Originally posted by Berlichtingen:

It is more a case of the engine being less forgiving. Use bad tactics and you will lose. THat was not so much the case in CMBO

True, but how come you didn't send the man to Ker Dessel? A rigourous program of playing Ker Dessel scenarios will give him new insights into the nature of scenario balancing.
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I would add Boots and Tracks as a place to get damn good battles.

I dont think the CMBB battles on the CD were tested any less vigorously than the ones on the CMBO CD. And, like the CMBO battles, they are not nearly as good as they were a year ago when they were released. Why? Add a few significant patches and players learning how to cope better and playbalance can easily be thrown off. And what Berli said.


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The ROW III scenarios turned out to be very balanced, which is surprising since balance was the one thing the designers didn't worry about, or tried to achieve.

Here are the averages from the 36 matchups (allies listed first):

Rearguard action 60/40

King of Debrecen 54/46

The Christmas battle 54/46

The Beast 51/49

Hosszupalyi 44/56

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