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Need help for a mod

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Hi all

ive just re-installed CMBB on my new computer ,but most of the mods i backed up ,seem to be corrupted :mad:

Can Anyone help by sending me dome mods(i just need AndrewTf excellent mods Waffen SS,part 3 last edition.

please send to Beorix@hotmail.com

ive tried to DL them on CMmods ,but, they dont work too ! (at least for me), in cant unzip them.



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If y'all can hang on for just a short amount of time I'll be posting some new late-war W-SS uniform mods to CMMods.com. They're much better than the previous versions. Trust me. I'm working to update all my German uniforms for CMBB and bring them up to "CMAK Mod Standards." The German uniform mods were the first ones I made for CMBB, and really don't look as good IMHO as my later Soviet, Hungarian, etc. uniforms.


Edited to add teaser screenshot, which doesn't really do the mod justice:


Until I upload you could always use the CMAK "ETO" late-war W-SS uniform mod which includes the camouflage version of this mod only. It should work just fine with CMBB, as will the late-war ETO Heer and Luftwaffe mods posted at CMMods.com

[ January 18, 2005, 10:20 PM: Message edited by: AndrewTF ]

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It's a real shame that the SS Squad Leaders and Squads share the same BMPs. I would have liked to set mine up so that the squads have dot pattern tunics, the crews in smocks, the squad leaders in field gray, etc. If they have a Mod ability in CMX2 perhaps they will not have shared BMP's. It would certainly give modders a great deal of versatility that we don't have at present.


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