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Where to find scenarios?

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Almost all of the old Scenario Depot scenarios were salvaged and can be found over at CMMODS.

Log in to CMMODS, go the game you're interested in, and take a look under the files sorted by designer section.

For CMBB look for about half a dozen files named Scenario Depot Salvage under the name padivine.

You'll see a bunch of large zips -- download all of them, especially the the Excel wordsheet that explains what everything is.

Some of the files were damaged, and there is an update rattling around somewhere on the site.

Scenarios and operations for CMAK and CMBO can be found under designer name Birdgunner. Same drill.

What you'll find when you download all this is that it is a very unweildy mass. Hard to use, but very handy if you know what you're looking for. I really wish I had the time to sort all of the scenarios out chronologically in three month buckets, but I don't.

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