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New Accuate KV-2 mod Realeased!!!!!!!

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I've got another one for you.

Russian KV-2 heavy assault tank.

Find it here:


I did this one for myself, not being satisfied with the accuracy of the KV-2 in the game. It's got as much new detail as I could add. Proper turret handrails, pistol port, vision slit. A more accurate hull front. I even added cast shadows and good-old Russian dirt and rust.

AND, to make it look meaner, I also added eight non-penetrating turret shell strikes (well, sixteen if you count both sides ;) ).

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My KV-2 wheels are the standard CMBB art with some work done to it to make it look 'more 3-D'.

Just this morning walking out the door for work I noticed my reference photos of the KV-2 actually had completely different wheel types! The vehicle currently sports the late model cast wheels where my references had the lighter stamped(?) type. If I ever get around to attempting new wheels those'll be the type I shoot for... eventually ...maybe.

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It's really too bad the stock BMPs implied that you're looking at it straight on from the side, thus no 3D art (or very little). I Can't wait for the new engine to see more realistic models.

P.S. just tried your model in a game, I love the scratch marks on the turret, very nice touch.

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