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Finally! Unofficial CMBB Vehicle Database version 1.0 ready for Download

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Unofficial CMBB Vehicle Database Version 1.0

FAQ / ReadMe /Usage Guide

Introducing UCMBBVDB Version 1.0!

Section I: Frequently Asked Questions

a. What is UCMBBVDB ?

UCMBBVDB is the Unofficial CMBB Vehicle Database. This is a standalone database program containing all wheeled and tracked vehicle details found in Combat Mission:Barbarossa to Berlin.

b. What can you do with UCMBBVDB ?

You can view vehicles, modify vehicle data, sort, and search for specific vehicle details. In addition, there are placeholders for vehicle icons and vehicle photos. Due to legal reasons, vehicle photos are not included. Some icons are included as samples. (Caution: adding and deleting functions are included but is not supported because all the game vehicles (all 311 of them) are included)

c. What/Which data are included and what is excluded:

- Most of the tank.xls spreadsheet found in http://users.erols.com/chare/cm/ (Chris CM database) has been populated into the database (with Chris? kind permission).

- Blast Details are not included in this release.

- Placeholders are made for Rarity and Cost (June 41,42,43,44 May 45) but the data is NOT populated yet

- A field called Alternative Name is included. This is to store other names of which the vehicles are called. eg. The Hetzer 38 is nicknamed ?Little Trouble?.

- A field called Other Classifications is included. This is to facilitate family groups of tanks, eg. Panzer III family with different model numbers.

- A field called Tank Crew is included.

- A field called Comments for each vehicle is included, this is for your own notes about the particular vehicle.

- Placeholders are made for Vehicle Icon (Top Right Corner) but not populated yet, you can drag and drop an image into the placeholder (or Ctrl-Click/Right Mouse Click to add picture) and the data will stay for that record/vehicle

- Placeholders are also made for a Photo Album of maximum 4 pictures per vehicle. Drag and Drop images (or Ctrl-Click/Right Mouse Click to add picture) into the Album, and click on the bottom grey bar to enlarge the picture.

d. What platform does the UCMBBVDB run on ?

Current Platform support are: OSX, Classic and Windows.

e. Is this program free or is there a charge ?

Well, this is community-ware, there is no charge. The runtime program created by Filemaker is also royalty-free.

g. How can I download the database/program ?

For mac OSX users, download here:


For mac classic (OS9 and below) users, download here:


For Windows users, download here:


h. How do I install this program once it is downloaded ?

Step 1: Uncompress the zip / sit file using Winzip or Stuffit Expander. It should uncompress into a Folder called ?UCMBBVDB Solution Folder?

Step 2: Open the folder and double-click on the program called ?UCMBBVDB Solution?

i: How can I contact the author to report bugs, inaccuracies, or suggestions to enhancements ?

You can write an email to me at laxx@myrealbox.com. I can also be found lurking in the Battlefront.com forum.

Section II: Read Me / Release Notes :

A couple of enhancements:

* Clicking on Records in the List View will jump into that record in Form View.

* All column headings in List View is clickable for Sorting. Except those in beige color which is non-Sortable, ie. Armor Values and Pictures.

* For PSI settings, because there is TEXT and NUMBERs, the sorting does not work properly either way, hence I have decided to put in a number in front of the text. So: 0Poor 1Ave 2Good.

* Fixed the 222 armored car sil typo

Section III: Usage Guide

I have tried to make the program easy to use. Just remember the Basic Icons, the first is List View, followed by Form View and the third is Find view.

In addition there are: Home Icon (which will bring you to the Main menu), and the Quit Icon (which will exit the program).

List View:

Serves two purposes: a. To view the database in a tabular manner b. To sort vehicles according to the Column Heading.

a. Under List view, it does not allow modification to the database. You can quickly browse the database for vehicle that you are looking for, clicking the vehicle data will bring you directly into the form view.

b. To sort the database, click on the Column Heading, in Whitish-pink color. Eg. Force or Country or Vehicle Name. The database will then sort according to that Column.

Form View:

WIth form view, you can a. View the vehicle stats b. Modify the data c. Search according to certain criteria.

a. Viewing. To navigate, you can click on the arrow bars at the bottom of the form view (First Record, Previous Record, Next Record, Last Record). You can also click on the top-most icon to jump to List View, Search or Main Menu screen. There are four TABs which will show different details, the first is Armor Details, Other Details, Rarity and Costs, Picture Gallery and Comments.

b. Modifying the data is as simple as clicking on the data and changing it. Some of the data have a pre-defined values, eg. Force is either Axis or Allied. So a pop-up menu for selection is shown when you click on the data. Some of the Pop-up menus allows you to add/modify/delete these values. Eg. The optics field. You can choose the exising values of optics like ?2xMag, Good, Binocular...? or you can Edit these values and add your own.

c. To Search or FIND for Data.

Two important icons here. The first is the Magnifying glass icon, the other is an circular icon titled ?Show All Records?.

To search data, click on the Magnifying Glass Icon. You will be presented with a Form view and the data is blanked out. You enter your search criteria, (Show me all Armored Vehicles in Finland), click on the Vehicle Type and choose Armored Vehicles, click on the country and choose Finland. To start your search, either Click on the Magnifying Glass again or Press Enter.

If your search produces one record found, then it will automatically be shown in the Form View.

If your search produces more than one record, the records will be shown in the list view. (In list view, you can click on the specific record to see it in details).

After your search, you will be shown a subset of the records that matches your search criteria. To see all records agains, click on the ?Show all records? icon.

Screen Shots

Splash Screen:


List Screen:


Clicking on the Elefant Tank details will bring you to the next screen:


Note the tabs at the bottom, eg. clicking on the rarity tab will show:


Clicking on the picture gallery:


Clicking on the grey bar at the bottom of the picture:



I am looking for someone with 15mb of online space for me to host this. The current site is running out of space smile.gif

[ March 11, 2003, 09:21 AM: Message edited by: laxx ]

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Please! Please! Please! would some kind soul take up the job of hosting...I really would do it myself but I don't have the facility.

All of Laxx's hard work needs to be rewarded by us all supporting and using the fruits of his labor.




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wel,, i would make sure 1.1 had an import facility for fear of the wrath of lots of grumpy old men who hang around cmbb forums... smile.gif

i found myself spending alot of time last nite just attaching logos, pix and Notes. I suspect that this is how most of us will be using the proggie, non ?


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1. Thanks to calvaryman for mirroring the download site.

2. I was thinking if there is any interest to provide CMBB vehicle images into the database ? If there is, we could use that database as the Reference Database for future releases.

3. Only challenge (besides capturing and importing the images), is that some of the vehicles, especially the early light tankettes and tanks all have the same cmbb images.

anyway, pls post your comments and requests for change/enhancements, eg. I found the "Show all records icons" at the bottom to be irritating will probably move it to the top like the List-Mode.

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Originally posted by Belaja smert:

Why dont we just put it up on a peer2peer network like Kazaar or Edonkey??. With a file this size it should spread real fast on the peer2peer.


The problems are: finding the file, finding an online host and relying on connections outside of your control.
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Finding the file, no prob, if its the edonkey just post a hashcode. Finding an online host is no prob also, if 2 or 3 ppl powershare it for a day it should spread just fine being only 15 mb.

Relying on connections outside your controll???

isnt the page you usualy dl it from outside your control?? what excatly do you mean?


[ March 13, 2003, 10:43 AM: Message edited by: Jev.Dk ]

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