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Desperate Measures help

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I have tried repeatedly to defeat the Russians in this scenario. Settings are: extreme FOW, free to place units, +3 computer experience points.

I take the scenario's advice and avoid assaulting via the road directly, but have come at the Russians from every other direction, loading up the entire right flank with all four Panthers and the two reserve Panthers, laying down the 105 barrage and following up with smoke from the Panthers before sending out the troops from their hidden status in the tree-line.

I have a feeling that b/c I have set the AI to a +3 rating in the settings, that's why the T-34s and SU's are getting the drop on my Panthers - and it happens each time - as soon as I poke their noses out of the trees, - BAM! from no-where, they are immediately knocked out.

I probably need to go back to basics - splitting squads to assault fixed positions, timing smoke with advances, using more suppressive/area fire to flush the Russians out (not too effective when they are set to +3, I'll bet, though).

The best I've been able to get out of maybe 7-8 tries at this scenario (with the same settings each time) is a draw - but even then, I am lucky to get that - kind of roll of the dice as to who the computer things "owns" the flag at the end of the scenario. Every other time, it's been a minor defeat.

What else should I consider when attacking as the Germans?


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