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Is there a way to track total casualties during a battle?

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No, it's not possible to track the casualties. You can only read them from the battle AAR that popup after a battle. In an operation (sequence of battles) only your own casualties are shown. The last AAR, when the game is over, show both parties.

During a battle you have 'fog of war' that makes it impossible to know how many and what units have died. That's why you only get the true figures after the battle; as they counted the dead and measured the damage.


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Even playing with Fog of War on you can get an idea of enemy casualties. By Clicking on each of your units, and then on the "kills" button, you can get an idea of enemy casualties. For tanks, ACs, guns killed at distance, it will say "xx unidentified vehicles killed" or Light tank, light gun, etc.

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