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Only asking..so dont get nutty

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Does anyone besides me....ask for a PBEM....and get alot of setups....that have the at the very minimum 1 of 2 flags on the bad guys side.....1 turn into the game....the enemy has over 50% of the flags.??and this is a meeting engagement.

I`m just asking.....all i want is an even fight from the start......


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If you want to play QB MEs, do the setup yourself and use 3rd-party human maps intended for such battles. Dozens of these are available for download at the Scenario Depot and elsewhere. You get nice looking (IMO), reasonably symmetrical maps with routes of approach and flag locations that are "fair" to both players. Out of many good maps I especially recommend "Old Dog's Map Pack" and the "Church and Orchard" map.

If your opponents insist on doing the setup and choosing the maps themselves, well, find other opponents.

- Matt

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