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Mixed Setup Zones for QB

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The first game in the gunny tournie has the setup locations all over the map (small boxes enough for 1-2 platoons, plus a tank or two). The cool thing about this, is that each of these small groups needs the support of the others, so it becomes like a chess game,trying to keep position, but also save as many groups from the opponenets destruction as possible.

It would be very cool to have some sort of random mixed setup for the QB as a way to change it up.

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I too would like a feature where it isn't possible to determine if the defenders setup include this or that house or who's closest to the flags in a meeting. Some randomness would be nice...

Also, while we're on the subject, I'd like layered setup zones. First, different setup zones should have the possibility to overlap eachother when creating a scenario. Second, fortifications (bunkers, mines, wire etc) shouldn't have the same limit as the rest of the squads when depoying the defenders. I'd like to put some mines and wire in 'no-mans land'. Only suggestions of course, I guess I have to wait for the next engine...

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