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BIOS Estimates for 75L43 and 88L56 APCBC

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The German equation for 30 degree penetration predicts the following figures for subject guns, using best quality ammo that succeeds on five consecutive hits at close to the same velocity:


100m, 97mm

500m, 89mm

1000m, 79mm

1500m, 70mm

2000m, 62mm


100m, 119mm

500m, 110mm

1000m, 100mm

1500m, 91mm

2000m, 83mm

The similarity between the above estimates and the figures in Jentz' Panzertruppen and Chamberlain's Encyclopedia of German Tanks of WW II is notable.

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Is there a reason why the two guns lose penetration in almost exactly the same number of mm?

Except for the first drop (8mm actual penetration loss for the 75 and 9mm for the 88) the lost penetration numbers are the same.

The percentage loss is greater for the 75 of course, but I find the raw loss similarity interesting.

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