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You can also create a "fire plan" on turn 1, with the rounds scheduled to land on any turn, at any spot. You just target on turn 1, getting the same "cannot be adjusted later" message. Then hit "Q" to delay the fire for a minute, repeating as necessary. The rounds will land after the designated delay, at the designated location, always accurately. You can pick standard or wide sheaf, as usually. The entire module will be fired. The FO doesn't need LOS, it doesn't even need to still be alive or on the map when the turn arrives.

The primary drawback to planned "map fire" as this is sometimes called, is you do not have any updated intel on the location of enemy units. You have to fire at pieces of terrain, basically, rather than known enemy locations (though anything you can see at set up, you know about). It works if you conform your movements to your fire plan instead of vice versa - e.g. get B company ready to clear those woods by turn 10, right behind the barrage scheduled to hit the woods starting that minute.

Historically, the Russians made extensive use of such planned fires, particularly for higher level and larger caliber artillery types.

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