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CMBO , CMBB , CMAK mods compatibility

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I am newbie on Combat Mission Forums but I am used to play combat mission since the first version CMBO. I like very much many of the mods made for CMBO and I would like to know if there is a list available about the mods/bmp that could be translated from CMBO to CMBB/CMAK (or just rename one bmp from CMBO to another one in CMBB).

So much nice mods were done for CMBO . It is too bad to forget them.

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well first off you cant use any previous mods of the Hetzer and Jpz IV for CMAK and vice versa. they have more BMPs in CMAK.

all the PzIV models and PzIII models are interchangable between CMAK and CMBB with some renumbering (mainly some bmps over 10000 that needs renumbering i think. just check for them in the bmp folder before installing the mod. if they are not there just remove the first digit and check again)

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ooops... sorry... should have read your post more carefully...

but the hetzer and jpz models are interchangable between CMBO and CMBB.

youll have to check wich versions of the PzIV are used in CMBO (dont think they portrayed all the different versions in the game with their own models)

but otherwise i dont think many will be interchangable since alot of the german equipment were overhauled between games.

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