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Got a couple questions

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Ok, I'm new to this game, and a couple things are confusing me a bit, maybe someone can shed some light on these. My bad if I missed the answers to these in the manual.

1. I read some threads on aa guns, but was wondering if distance/range matters--can you place them anywhere on the map? If I put the aa guns at the far southern end of the map, will they be effective all the way to the northern end?

2. Say you have infantry riding on a tank or halftrack. I want the halftrack to drive from point a to point b, then I want the infantry to get out at point b, all in one turn. I DON'T want them to get out at point a and just walk over to point b on foot. Most of the time when I try this they do the logical thing and ride the halftrack, but sometimes they just jump out and start walking and I'm not sure why--any way to insure they do this the way I want? I am pretty sure it was not because their ride came under fire.

I guess that's it really, thanks

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AA will be effective essentially anywhere, they can even get LOS straight up out of tall pines. The only issue I've ever encountered with them is tracking, that is rotating fast enough to target the plane. They are actually better at that from farther away, because it keeps the change in angle to track the plane smaller, overall.

As for transporting units, the thing to watch is the command delay. If the halftrack has a longer command delay the men might get out when that isn't what you want. Also, if the 'track is going to need more than a full turn to make its part of the move, you should wait and enter the order to get out in the following minute, when the men will actually disembark.

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Originally posted by flamingknives:

AAG range does matter, but it's long - up to 2.5 -3km.

I agree, I play on big maps and I find that there is a range limit on my Flak, so if I advance a fair distance I will need to move up AAGs or have it self-propelled for protection.

The only thing that effects AAGs is buildings getting in their LOS. They may replot to the plane they are targeting but they reduce the amount of fire they throw at it because of the time it took pausing and re-aimimg. So don't place AAGs too close to builds esspecially doulbe story if you expect enemy planes.

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For transporting, I always let the halftrack (or another transporting device) get in to move first.

The turn ends and halftrack is still on route to place b. Then I order the troops inside to their positions near place b.

I don't trust command delays, because if my halftrack spots an enemy, it may start shooting at it - and then the troops will jump out and walk to place b.

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