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Units on the map Edge

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I think the set up zones for units should have a buffer between the sides and back of the map.

I was wondering if others agreed with me that it is cheating when a defender sets unit on the back or side edge of the map so as not to be flanked.

The argument I expect to hear is:

There would normally be other units to the left, right, and/or rear to support these units.

To this my reply would be:

There also would be other attacking units to the left, right, and/or rear to support these units.

So at what point would you be able to maneuver?

Just soliciting Thoughts.

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Just my thoughts, but I feel the entire map is open to play. If it's a custom made map, then the designer should've limited the edge use through terrain (swamps, rivers, too rough, etc.).

As for reality arguments about secured flanks, I would think a continuous front, ala WWI, rarely existed. Most defensive "lines" consisted of strongpoints which secured decisive terrain and used interlinking fire/observation to secure the open areas.

In the game, an edge-creep attack will, if detected and swiftly countered with defensive reserves, pin the attacker and lead to units being lost off the edge. It's a risk.

However, if you're playing someone who's style is abrasive (for whatever reason), finish the game - sportsmanship and all - and then decline to play again.



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Whenever I try my hand at QB import map making I usually try to build a map bigger than I need, and I inset the setup zones considerably. For one thing it adds to the feeling of emersion, as opposed to facing-off on a chess board.

Even the AI likes hugging corners! If I start up a ramdom QB and find myself on a map with open ground and clumps of trees in the far corners, its a very good bet there's an anti-tank gun dug-in in one of those corners.

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seems like hugging the map end is a favourite tactic for defending units, particularly German armour. I have seen it used by experienced players all the time - they tend to use Tank hunters such as STUG's with the long (L48) 75mm gun.

Very difficult to take out unless you use an indirect approach, use lots of smoke etc.

It's just one of the gamey tactics that works consistently.

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It comes down to your perception on games, if you like games to simulate real life then you would of course be opposed to the idea as there is no map edges in combat.

If you prefer to play a game with a rule set defined by CM and game designers then of course you going to use every possible advantage of that rule set.

This argument of games and real life simulation is a never ending forum debate on so many forums.

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