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Sturmtiger..."King of the Battlefield"?

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Just finished a "Quick" battle where the Russians were trying to take a town away from me. Although my armor and antitank guns had reduced the T-34's and the rest of the Russian armor to scrap, the hordes of infantry were closing in and starting to overrun my gun batteries. A few times I tried to bring up my "Sturmtiger" but it kept getting bogged(dang heavy mother!). Most of armor were down to it's last remaining HE shells when the "Behemoth' made it into the battle. The first round landed smack in the middle of around 200 infantry.........took out 3 houses...one of my own 50MM and my forward "arty" observer! That one round took out 67 russians! Took about 3 minutes to reload.....the second round took out another 42 Russians! The Russians lost this battle......and the Sturmtiger accounted for 232 Russian casulties firing 7 rounds! Anyone else use this "monster" on the battlefield yet?

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Originally posted by MikeyD:

It's also sad to find yourself immobilized in the bushes, with that big gun pointed ever-so-slightly in the wrong direction, and the Russian hordes advancing on you.

Fall on the sword, boyo! Taking scores of Russkies with you as a bonus.
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