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Is this normal?

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Originally posted by Panzerfest:

There were no emeny infantry nearby, the tank had been knocked out for at least 5 turns before i noticed the fire. I was doubly surprised because i had never seen a road tile burn while playing CMAK, let alone a frozen one!

It's a road in scattered trees. The fire is probably abstracted like inf squads - the graphic represents a small fire somewhere in the tile.



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Do you have LOS to that location? It could also be an unspotted burning enemy vehicle?

But most likely it's a small terrain fire indeed. Scattered trees, so even if frozen it could catch fire. It looks like there are some shellholes in the area, that could have started it.


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I had LOS as I just moved a infantry squad thru that area, they were taking MG and cannon fire so thats what probaly started the fire.

Im sure that the Vodka stash also contributed! tongue.gif

Maybe if it was set in modern day russia I wouldn't be surprised, due to pollution sometimes the snow falls black, pinkish or yellow!!

Black Snow :eek:

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