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Shooting through buildings-a bug?

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I know it should not be happening, that is why I am reporting it.

I was playing the "Golzow" scenario (EFOW) against the allied AI and guess what:

My king tiger managed to shoot a IS-2 that was behind a building! The line of sight before the shoot was going throught the very middle of the structure-actually the diagonal cutting the house from corner to corner. (of course the IS should not be visible to my tiger at all). I know that TIGERS were super tanks, but this goes too far:)

NOTE: I dont know if this is of any improtance to the game desiners, but may be I sould mention this particular house was in a oblique position in relation to the horizon (which is usually an exception)

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I once lost a 76.2mm anti tank gun the same way... and to rub salt in the wound, in the same scenario, another shell aimed at one of my mortars continued through a wood, came out the other side, and you guessed it... impacted on my other carefully concealed 76.2mm gun, taking that out as well :( Kip Anderson can confirm this as it was in my last game against him!

To lose one gun to stray rounds is unfortunate. To lose two is a real sickener. However ess aitch one tee happens as the saying goes :mad: :mad:

You have my full sympathy


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I admit of not having read every word of the manual but even so, the situation i describe was totally unrealisitc.

You cannot possibly suppose that there is an intact building-not rubbles-with its windows placed in a way that that allows someone to look through a window in the front site and see the backyard through an another window!!

I dont think that the intention of the manual was to envisage such architectural "oddities" ;)

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It's quite hard to shoot through buildings with german tanks anyway - they got APHE rounds.

37mm, 50mm, 75mm, 88mm, 128mm.. all has a small amount of high explosives, which fuse is triggered by something like 4mm of steel.

I'm sure going through couple layers of wood and some interiors, is enough to set the fuse off tongue.gif

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