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Andrew TF mods anyone?

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Hey guys how's it hanging? I've recently got back into CMBB (anxiously awaiting CMC) and have spent many hours modifying the game to glorious technicolour smile.gif I'm short of a few mods however and havent been able to trace them down - I am positive that Andrew produced a 251/9 amongst others, which escapes me - and I cant find much in the way of other Andrew TF mods which is a shame as they were amongst my favourites. I reckon a whole load were blitzed when CMMODS died originally. I could also do with a list of MikeyD mods if possible, as these are fabulous too.

Thanks in advance.

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You should definitely check out CMMODS again - it´s up and running again (even after a second crash) and you will find the mods you´re looking for. Another site that hosted mods as long as CMMODS was down is Zimorodok´s site (www.zimorodok.org, I think).

Apart from that, there´s not much left, if at all. Should I find somehting new, I´ll gladly post it here.

Hope I could be of assistance.

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If you are looking for a missing mod, check under "Astrocat" at CMMODS. He tried to repopulate the data base with mods that were lost when CMMODS crashed. While many mods are listed under his name, he gives credit to the original creator of each mod, if his identity was known.

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Andrew has never done 251/9 & 251/16, that's why I used Andrew's 251/1 and 250/8 as base to build these mods : PAT251SUPPORTGP for CMBB & another set for CMAK with different numbering. I also done a more recent set with Gurra camo http://www.battlefront.com/discuss/ultimatebb.php?ubb=get_topic;f=30;t=004075 GURRAPAT251STUMMEL & GURRAPAT251FLAMM available at www.cmmods.com



ps : IIRC Andrew started 251/9 but never finished it,

'cause 251/9 & 251/16 use old CMBO


[ April 25, 2006, 12:37 AM: Message edited by: patboy ]

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Originally posted by phil stanbridge:

ah thanks again guys - it's a pity that Andrew has decided to get on with real life, his modding talent is sorely missed. I wonder if CMC will bring him back..

posted 03 December, 2005 06:53 by ANDREW TF


Hey DavidI: I don't even have CMAnything installed anymore, mainly because I got a new G5 recently and can't boot into OS 9 anymore . If I whip up some textures would you be good enough to test, package them up and release them? You've done such a nice job with my other mods that you've worked with


Phil, may be David have news from him ? smile.gif


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