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Topographical map of eastern poland (weblinks)

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Hello Gentlemen,

I've just discovered, goggle-ing, some very interesting maps of eastern poland ! Most of those maps are topographical and look mainly like their ukrainian counterparts (Have a look at this goldmine : http://www.lib.berkeley.edu/EART/x-ussr/ukraine.html !!). My first search was about the region of the town of Stryj, south of Lwow (Lvov or Lemberg if you prefer), which is the region of my whole family. The region, called Galicia or "Galicja" is now mainly ukrainian since 1945.

The whole website and its links are in polish... ...then surfing there is a bit hazardous ! However, after clicking here and there, I found some interesting stuff about eastern 1930's Poland.

The main webpage is here:


Then, if surfing in polish is reluctant to you, here are the link to specific region of the country.

Brzezany sector


Jaliska (set of 4 topographical german maps)


Lusk region


Nowy Dwor


Kozowa - Podahcje region


Pomorzany region


Stryj region (set of 8 maps)


Zborow region


Volinia (set of approx. 20 maps !)


1939 political map of Poland (set of 12 maps, some links seem to be broken :( )


Here also is a webling to actual 1:25000 maps of the Carphatian region. The sector is divided, with a grid, in multiple "mini-maps" :


Looking at those maps, it appears that it's a mix of polish and german maps, probably dating from the 1920-1940 period. I don't think that all those maps could be transformed in CMBB map via the magnificent "Mapping Mission" tool, however everything is possible !

Enjoy smile.gif

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