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CMBB in Australia

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I don't know if CMBB is available in retail stores in Oz, but as you I would seriously consider ordering the CMAK/CMBB bundle pack from BFC. US$ is weak at the moment so the price is quite cheap, and you'd get to play with both Über-Finns and UntenHinten-Australians! Now that's a combination you cannot beat, oh true blue!

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BFC is short for BattleFront.Com, and it's this very website you're visiting currently smile.gif There are no other suppliers of CMBB for the Australian market currently, it's mail-order only from our website. More information about how to order CMBB HERE or (for the CMBB/CMAK bundle) HERE


PS. Edited the URL link

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Actually I think you might be able to purchase it from Milsims in Victoria, but it would be cheaper and a better deal to buy the CMBB/CMAK bundle pack direct. :D

Yep, Sorry Moon. $99 dollars aus.

For that money you can buy the bundle pack direct from BFC and get the newie all home delivered.

Support the guys who made the game... ;)

[ December 03, 2003, 10:56 AM: Message edited by: Richie ]

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