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Need a good 2 human-player PBEM operations scenario suggestion.

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A couple of my friends would like to play an operation by PBEM. What player-made operations would you suggest for 2 average opponents, equally matched in skill, which would give both sides an equal chance of winning? Please give the URL for the download and the name of the operation.

Thanks for the help in advance.


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I can highly recommend DROTP (Death Ride Of The Panzers).

5 or six battles, each around 15 minutes and it takes place around the biggest Panzerbattle in history: KURSK!

Although i have finished the first battle only, and am now in the second, this Op is already my favourite.

Ostfront in CM at it's best.

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You should look at : "GD411024 Breakout from Mtzensk". I think it fills your bill.

Also, although it's not a battle; "CSDT-B14-Eisen-Faust" is a real large scale bloodbath, I just finished it against a very skilled & aggressive opponent. It went down to the wire...a draw....Lots of T34s , StuG3s, 88s, Stukas, indirect fire assets & bloody infantry, Perpetual attack, counter-attack for both sides. And yes "Death Ride of the Panzers" is a real bloodboiler. However for a real educational experience for both sides ( because I think this op is one of the most educational & accurate ) try "KP Tank Warning" ( a.k.a. "FMR Tank Warning") at Boots & Tracks; Prokorovka my man, a 5 battle ultra bloodbath op with FLEETS of T34s. I think all but "Tank Warning " can be found at The Scenario Depot. Nuff said.

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