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AFV Close assault question; and Scary Dream humor

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This truely did happen,

last night I had this dream where I lost the

CMBB CD and I couldn't find it. In the dream

I had merely just moved rooms. Still it was a

frustrating and horrible dream.

Btw, so I've learned that spotters who don't have radio (but telephone wire) can't embark...makes sense

And for the first time I saw a german squad sneaking under a tank at 2m 1m and as it did so it "Hit" it (a KV-1 monster) the funny thing was at 1m or less, with the buttoned tank, the tank was still firing machine gun bullets at the squad and having effect. In the abstract version of it I imagine the squad leaning up next to the immobile tank and running all over it like rabid squirrels. Does the chance to disable and the frequency of AFV destruction attempts increase as the squad gets really close to the AFV? That'd be funny if you

could embark on an enemy AFV or capture it (it surrenders).

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