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HC & Tungsten in CM

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I thought I'd post some availability time factors for these ammo types in cmbb and what guns and AFV's are allowed these type's of ammo.

This is for those newbie types who want to make a scenario or play a QB.

First is Hollow Charge (HC).

For the Germans this ammo type isn't available until Dec/41.

The Guns allowed this ammo type are:

75mm 97/38 AT Gun

75mm & 150mm IG

75mm & 105mm Howitzer

75mm & 105mm Recoilless Rifle

88mm Raketenwerfer 43 puppchen, available starting Jan/43

The 37mm Pak36 AT Gun has a special HC round made for it and is available starting Jan/42

AFV's allowed this ammo type are:



15cm sig33 Auf Pzkw1B







SPW250/8 HT

Spw251/9 Stummel HT

PSW 233 Heavy AC

PSW 234/3 Heavy AC

For the AFV's the heat ammo is available either starting in Dec/41 or when the AFV is first available after Dec/41, either way they have HC ammo until May/45.

The Romanians have only a couple of things with HC ammo.

Two Guns:

76.2mm m1939 F-22 Gun, is available with HC ammo right from June/41 on.

75mm 97/38 AT Gun, has HC ammo starting in Dec/41

The only AFV is the:

T3, available in Sept/42

The Italians have only one gun that has HC ammo and it is the:

75mm 97/38 AT Gun, available starting May/42

The Hungarians have no guns and only two AFV's with HC ammo and they are the:

PzIV-F, available in July/42

Zrinyi II

I may very well have missed something but it's pretty darn complete as far as I can see.

I'll do the tungsten a little later on.

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