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Xbox titles surely!

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Originally posted by MikeyD:

I think the previous thread on this subject boiled down to: CM on XBox means XBox get most of the profits and CM has to pay a huge fee for the 'privlege' of going through them. Basically the same trouble CM has with going on chain store shelves.

that's been my perception of bfc's answers whenever they answered it. there is a huge licensing fee just to release it.. and the wargaming community just isn't big enough to support the effort.
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Put these titles out on an X-box or PS2 and you can kiss goodbye to mods on those versions, which is half the fun for a lot of people.

I own a PC and a PS2, each one has games that suit it and I could never see myself wanting to play CMBB on a PS2, just the same as I'd never play FIFA soccer on my PC.

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I would love to see serious games on the Xbox, I actually own Xbox Live and have played Ghost recon a lot, my experience is that Xbox users are 25 to 35 years old...wich is great for wargamers, that reflects in great tactics and ambience while playing.

Right now Xbox would publish Operation Flashpoint wich we hope could be Xbox Live enabled, that will bring a lot of people to Xbox.

Also in the Mod comment I agree that Xbox users couldnt get as much as we do but remember that Xbox Live has download content meaning new levels, new skins and so on.

Im very passionate to see a game like CMBB, CMBO or Panzer Elite on consoles.

A pitty I am dreaming!!! :mad:

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And here we go once again...

X-Box, schmex box, we need a version for the cell phones. Imagine, you could play while commuting to work, while at work, while walking from building to building, you could even play head to head via the cell phone. Guys, ya gotta think out of the X-Box so to speak.

Now, I seen this documentary on virtual sex last night. It's being coupled with virtual 3D PC interfaces and a new technology that allows labs to grow individual organs. It will not be that long before wives and girlfriends are obsolete. Man's greatest dream. The perfect companion. Expand that horizon slightly, and imagine what could be done with CM. The blood, the gore, the savage effects of battle right there in your lap as you sneak, crawl, and break, while running from trench to bush in your virtual CM environment. One wrong move and suddenly you feel the sledge hammer jolt and burning sensation of a 7.62 cal., slug tearing through your intestines. Virtual lab created blood and organs spilling down on the floor. Couple that to the wireless revolution and imagine what might be possible. Amazing!

[ February 06, 2003, 06:26 PM: Message edited by: Bruno Weiss ]

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Originally posted by Cmdr DeadMeat:

I'd like to get a PS2 version with better graphics and in grassy jewel case.

Well i ended up finding a use for that worthless game Panzer GeneralIII, i use the case to hold CMBB.

Also your computer monitor can display a much better picture then your tv i'm sure.

My advise is to mod the game up and enjoy. smile.gif

Also, i would not want to play this game without a mouse. ;)

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