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New mod early PZIVF

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Originally posted by MeatEtr:

Hell yeah shatter, this mod is great. Gotta love the worn dusty look. Thanks man. smile.gif

I'm glad you like it. If you can keep a secret there are a $hit load more on the way. Been working on these suckers for ever now and I just wanted to throw one out and see what everyone thought. Then I'll dump some more one you guys if you like them.
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Originally posted by MeatEtr:


Late night mod release, some may have missed it. Oh, and Shatter, your secret is safe with me. Let the dumping commence. ;)

All the mods are pretty much done except for dust. I will probably just dust one up a day, and release one every day or so. I updated my PZIVF to PZIVFv2. Sorry I was working on another one today at work, and realized somethings needed to be reworked.
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