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Why won't my Mortor Spotter get in a vehicle?

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Okay, why won't my Russian mortar spotter (82 mm) embark in ANY vehicle. He is a Transport Class 1. I have trucks that are transport class 8. According to the manual (yes, I have read it), vehicles can transport units with a transport class equal or less than. Uh, isn't 1 less than 8? :confused: :(

I have tried different trucks, even halftracks but he seems to see "that's all right comrade, I'll walk." :mad:

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Truck is empty and stopped, spotter has no orders--except for "move" but no matter where I position my curser I cannot get that "embark" order. If I try other units they get that order without difficulty. I also talked to the designer of the op and he assures me that this guy is carrying a radio and NOT a field phone. Oh well, thanks for the help and suggestions, but this guy insists on walking. :mad: :rolleyes:

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Well, I also had that problem but wasn´t able to manage it. I mean, on the one hand it is rather unusual to move a FO in a truck but on the other hand it should be possible. In other scenarios I played I had no problems with that ( even if it was a light armoured tracked vihicle). I do believe it´s one of these bugs in this game ( the best one I have ever seen was a PzII Luchs carrying a whole Panzergrenadier unit - although I have to say that this only happened once).

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Tooz, you may well have an honest gripe here, but I keep getting the strong hunch that there is something about this FO that you are overlooking. What's his morale state? I do hope you will send a saved turn showing the problem to someone at BFC.


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