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CMBO/CMBB Anthology of useful posts!

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Unfortunately, forum maintenance has resulted in the links to these old threads no longer working. Well, it was good while it lasted.

Since I had made that collection in mid 2001 after having purchased CMBO, perhaps it is time for a new anthology of wisdom which includes CMBO/CMBB/CMAK. Just a thought. smile.gif

Good hunting, all!

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wow, can't wait to start looking at some of this stuff. impressive list. i also updated the FAQ link ;)

A Radical New Approach to the Meeting Engagement

Advance to Contact - Techniques

Advancing troops

Air attack warnings

Ambush markers 2

Ambush markers

Ammo Conservation Tips

Armor vs Armor tactics

Arty targets

Assaulting a town

AT Gun Usage

AT guns and teams

AT Guns in an Offensive Role

AT Guns in defense

AT Guns vs Tanks duel

Avoiding traffic jams

Barbed wire & using TRPs

Beating the AI

Best tank


Building assault tactics

Captured units 1

Captured units 2

Captured units 3

Captured units 4

Defending against artillery in a town


Defense tactics

Defensive tactics for artillery bombardment

Embarking Guns

Entering buildings

Exiting units


Fighting in cities

Finding MP games

Flame Throwers 1

Flame Throwers 2

Flame Throwers 3

Flame Throwers 4

Flame Throwers


General Strategies for MP

German Infantry in the Closed Defense

Going Hull Down

Guns to kill infantry

Halftrack and Armored Car uses

HHQ Units and Ambushes

Hiding Tanks

HMG vs. MMG and LMG

How to break contact

How to use smoke effectively

Killing Armor with Infantry

Killing Pillboxes

Limbering guns

Massing firepower

Meeting Engagement Tactics

MGs on the Attack

Morale affects

More on command bonuses

Mortar Targeting

Mortars and HQ

Mortars with HQ


Moving tanks

MP Lessons

Night games

Offensive Consolidation Leaving the Armor Free

Panzerschrek unit usage

Picking targets

Placement of AT Guns

Platoon on defense

Priest usage

Probability of mine kills

Proper Recon

Purchasing Arty

Reassigning squads to a new leader

Rifle squads and buildings

Rushing Tactics.


Sharp Shooters


Sneak or crawl

Some tips for newbie defenders

Sound Map

Split squads

Splitting squads

Spotting enemy AT Guns

Squad spacing

Stone Walls

Suppressing and taking positions

Taking Bridges

Takings out MGs with infantry

Tank Techiques

Tank vs Tank engagements Advice please

The Priest

Tips on Hiding

Troop purchasings levels


Tutorial - Tank vs. Tank

Using an AT team

Using CC bonuses

Using hunt with tanks

Using Mortars

WarGamer's FAQ

Which unit to shoot at first

Withdrawal on The Attack (staying Flexible)


o 998595920A Radical New Approach to the Meeting Engagement

o 998588620Advance to Contact - Techniques

o 998581052Advancing troops

o 998513274Air attack warnings

o 998316088Ambush markers 2

o 998073758Ambush markers

o 998418498Ammo Conservation Tips

o 998330926Armor vs Armor tactics

o 998337980Arty targets

o 998596004Assaulting a town

o 998587412AT Gun Usage

o 998581506AT guns and teams

o 998416870AT Guns in an Offensive Role

o 998596938AT Guns in defense

o 998409368AT Guns vs Tanks duel

o 998332300Avoiding traffic jams

o 998315842Barbed wire & using TRPs

o 998339878Beating the AI

o 998317274Best tank

o 998335692Bogging

o 998589934Building assault tactics

o 998340738Captured units 1

o 998340936Captured units 2

o 998340998Captured units 3

o 998341048Captured units 4

o 998409230Defending against artillery in a town

o 998587328Defending

o 998590486Defense tactics

o 998596230Defensive tactics for artillery bombardment

o 998337414Embarking Guns

o 998334230Entering buildings

o 998513484Exiting units

o 998076470FAQ

o 998589698Fighting in cities

o 998329726Finding MP games

o 998338542Flame Throwers 1

o 998338642Flame Throwers 2

o 998338714Flame Throwers 3

o 998338826Flame Throwers 4

o 998077958Flame Throwers

o 998581848Foxholes

o 998073072General Strategies for MP

o 998582136German Infantry in the Closed Defense

o 998073282Going Hull Down

o 998331190Guns to kill infantry

o 998598718Halftrack and Armored Car uses

o 998073924HHQ Units and Ambushes

o 998338344Hiding Tanks

o 998421544HMG vs. MMG and LMG

o 998589576How to break contact

o 998580228How to use smoke effectively

o 998340280Killing Armor with Infantry

o 998417494Limbering guns

o 998587182Massing firepower

o 998588686Meeting Engagement Tactics

o 998417946MGs on the Attack

o 998315030Morale affects

o 998081666More on command bonuses

o 998597344Mortar Targeting

o 998335306Mortars and HQ

o 998417410Mortars with HQ

o 998337632Mortars

o 998079274Moving tanks

o 998075202MP Lessons

o 998335228Night games

o 998587242Offensive Consolidation Leaving the Armor Free

o 998512654Panzerschrek unit usage

o 998581296Picking targets

o 998335000Pillboxes and Sharpshooters

o 998074316Placement of AT Guns

o 998586880Platoon on defense

o 998597128Priest usage

o 998418300Probability of mine kills

o 998408886Proper Recon

o 998071612Purchasing Arty

o 998316944Reassigning squads to a new leader

o 998512690Rifle squads and buildings

o 998598496Rushing Tactics.

o 998332570Sharp Shooters

o 998336108Sharpshooters

o 998071682Sneak or crawl

o 998075554Some tips for newbie defenders

o 998073464Split squads

o 998589452Splitting squads

o 998589124Spotting enemy AT Guns

o 998316254Squad spacing

o 998337286Stone Walls

o 998074158Suppressing and taking positions

o 998416338Taking Bridges

o 998332076Takings out MGs with infantry

o 998598102Tank Techiques

o 998598324Tank vs Tank engagements Advice please

o 998596802The Priest

o 998598420Tips on Hiding

o 998582002Troop purchasings levels

o 998417770TRPs

o 998598194Tutorial - Tank vs. Tank

o 998329828Using an AT team

o 998079132Using CC bonuses

o 998421858Using hunt with tanks

o 998076216WarGamer's FAQ

o 998421332Which unit to shoot at first

o 998513730Withdrawal on The Attack (staying Flexible)

o 998336382Withdrawal

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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by markshot:

So, how do I paste in a collection of links such that they are clickable, since HTML is not enabled?



hmmmmmmm...that's a very good question. you could hit reply to my corrected post and get rid of the numbers, but that's so annoying even i didn't want to do it smile.gif...

or just hit reply and copy my text then hit edit on your original post and paste it in, so the first post has the semi-legible version.

btw, nice list!

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Links to my Boot Camp articles for newer players, covering a variety of topics. The one on tanks is probably the most useful for beginners.



Basic tactical concepts:




Half-tracks and light vehicles:


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