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"Kalvin Square, Pest" -- Urban Combat scenario in Budapest

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Situation: The siege of Budapest has witnessed intense, non-stop street fighting. The routine has been attack and counter-attack. As the Germans and Hungarians have fewer and fewer men to hold the line, the fighting on the Pest side of the Danube River is reaching its conclusion. As of January 16, the Axis forces are within a few blocks of the river and two battered bridges are the last connections between Pest and Buda. The Ferenc Jozsef Bridge (to the south) collapsed overnight. Erzsebet Bridge (the only link depicted in this scenario) will be critical for the movement of Axis reinforcements and withdraw of certain units. Chain Bridge, off map to the north, was the last bridge standing and was destroyed on January 18 after the final retreat from Pest.

A new defensive line is being established at Muzeum Blvd. The order for the final retreat from Pest had not been authorized but is expected at any time. The Axis forces have started moving HQ and other units to the other side of the river even as new forces are arriving to attempt to delay the Soviet advance. The Soviets hope to capture a bridge intact or cut of as many units as possible from retreating.

Overlooking the Pest battlefield from across the Danube is the citadel atop of Gellert Hegy. In stark contrast to Pest with its flat terrain, Buda is hilly and rugged and has been a natural stronghold against numerous invasions through the centuries. During this invasion, commanders look down on Pest through binoculars and call in artillery on the enemy below.


Available at The Scenario Depot.

Kalvin Square, Pest


If you enjoy urban combat scenarios (Military Operation in Urban Terrain -- MOUT), you will enjoy this scenario. Map is not very large (combat area is about 1K x 1K). The number of units is large, but manageable. Battle has been playtested and balanced for head-to-head play. Map is based on period and current maps of the area.

The Soviets must rely on effective combined arms tactics and must accept casualties in order to advance. The Germans and Hungarians have been outflanked along Ullio Ave. and must conduct a fighting withdraw and move up reinforcements to establish a new defensive line at Muzeum Blvd. The Axis must also exit certain units as part of their withdraw. Artillery plays a key role for both sides.

I specifically designed this scenario so that both sides will have critical decisions to make. The defender will be actively involved in every turn instead of just hitting "go" and seeing if his original set up holds the attacker. The Axis have a "rear area" to move and organize reinforcements and the units they must exit. A wise attacker will use some of artillery in an intradiction role... if he can spare it.

Most units start at full strength and the map starts with only limited rubble. Given the amount of firepower, the map will quickly assume a beat up condition... and so will your men.

Recommended to play as head-to-head. Also plays well as Axis vs. AI (see play recommendations).

Thanks to testers who have commented at TPG and play-tested this scenario with me and to those who have provided research info: George Mc, Charlie M., Highliner, Heinrich505, Umlaut (check out his urban terrain mod), and Bardosy. And, as always, thanks to GJK for supporting the CM community with his web sites.

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Some images


Google image matches the approximate size of the scenario map.



The satellite view from Gellert Hegy.


The Combat Mission view from Gallert Hegy.


Attack and counter-attack... the Soviets retook positions lost along Ullio Ave. and threaten the Axis flank of forces holding the Jozeph Blvd. (to the right) line forcing a withdraw to Muzeum Blvd. This is where the battle starts. ROOFS OFF -- I used combinations of heavy buildings and factories to depict larger buildings; this allows pathways through larger buildings that would not exist with heavy buildings alone. Turning roofs on and off (shift+r) helps to keep track of units and shows paths through buildings.


A closer view looking SW at the grounds of the National Museum, Kalvin Square, and Muzeum Blvd. Roofs on.

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Cut-down Scenario

Tank Trap at Muzeum Blvd.

I released this scenario some time ago in order to test my tank trap idea. This scenario took a single major avenue from the Kalvin Square map. A group of Soviet pioneers with supporting armor and infantry is tasked with advancing down Rakoczi Ave. and clearing the tank trap at Muzeum Blvd.

The obstacles in this scenario are a bit denser than in the full-scale Kalvin Square scenario but will give you a good idea of the traps and ambushes awaiting the Soviets.


The view looking up Rakoczi Ave from the intersection at Jozsef Blvd.

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