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Going to Italy in Spring Break, Any good war museums?

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A 46 page guide to WWII in Rome & Italy can be found at:


The following are the major military museums in Rome:

Italian Airforce Museum (Museo storico dell'aeronautica militare)

"L. Bourlot" Airport of Vigna di Valle

00062 Bracciano (Rome)

Opening hours: 0930-1730 (Spring-Summer)

0930-1630 (Autumn-Winter)

(Free entry)

This museum is outside Rome, in the northern area of Lazio anyway it is definitely worth the time spent to get there. You can find the C200, C202, C205, G55, CR32, SM79, SM82, P-47, P-51, F-104, Tornado and many others.

Military motorization Museum (Museo storico della motorizzazione militare)

Viale dell'Esercito 170, Rome

Opening hours: Saturday 0900-1200

(Free entry)

Here you can find, among the others, an L3 tankette, the M15/42 medium tank and the P40 heavy tank.

Bersaglieri Museum (Museo storico dei Bersaglieri)

Porta Pia, via XX settembre


Opening Hours: Mon-Wed-Fri 0900-1330

(An appointment is required so you may want to call the museum before going there: 06 486723 or 06 47355522)

Here you can find weapons, uniforms, insignia of the Bersaglieri since the 19th century.

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