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Game is sluggish at 1800+, gf fx5600, but early (with gf 2 mx 400) run normaly

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Game is sluggish at 1800+, gf fx5600, but early (with gf 2 mx 400) run normaly. What`s up?

Game sluggish in small battles and big battles

System: xp

proc: 1800+

video: geForce fx 5600

detonator: 45.43

directx 9.0

resolushion 1280x1024 ( a tryed 800x600)

game version 1.03

This is a simply slide show in all battles!!!

Please help!!!

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Did you have any previous driver versions to 45.43 installed on this computer ? When you upgraded the drivers did you just install over the old ones or did you uninstall the old ones first and then install the new ones ?

I know some earlier versions of the drivers were very slow, though I would think that newer drivers would replace all of the files, it's possible that something is 'left over' from a previous install.

Are you using FSAA and Anisotropic filtering ? These can both slow down CM with it's huge number of textures and polygons. Admittedly the FX series are good at DirectX 9 effects, but they are not much (if any) improvement over some of the GeForce 4 series for pumping through textures and poly's.

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