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2 Questions re: CMAK editor


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1.I have made a map to be used in a QB or Scenario. I want to do a QB so my opponent can choose his own units.

The map is designed to have the allies assaulting an axis airfield. I want the Axis (defender) to have Air Units attacking the allies as they advance.

But when I set the parameters in the QB to "Allied attack -or- assault" I can't seem to pick Air units when purchasing Axis units. Then when I switched it down to "allied probe" I was able to buy planes.

Is this correct? If so, how could I use my map, choose our own units using "attack or assault" points ratio and still select air units as the defender?

2. I have the allied setup designated but when I test the map in a QB using HOTSEAT, all allied infantry units I purchase come on map in the neutral zone in one clump all on top of each other, not in the allies setup zone where the rest of the tank and vehicles are?


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GDog -

You may have the weather set to random - this would allow air support sometimes and not others. That's the only thing I can think of there...

Are the allied units a reinforcement? If so the reinforcement marker needs to be placed - you do this in the map preview in the scenario editor.

Hope this helps.

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Weather is set to clear, but the year is 44' maybe that is after the Luftwaffe is dead? ( just thought of that now)

The 2nd issue, no they are not reinforcements, any infantry or non vehicle unit i select deploys at that one spot all stacked on top of each other....odd

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Originally posted by Bubonicus:

HI mate,

this might happen when you convert a map, change setup-zones or change the Attack/defend parameters. It suck, and I don´t know if I can be altered.

By convert do you mean make the map available for

QB's? It's so annoying because I can't very well send it to my opponent and say "sorry but you will have to sift through a giant stack of your units to deploy them." hahahaha he would hate me!

Thanks for your suggestion, maybe I will readjust in editor then convert it again?

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Originally posted by costard:

Surely plenty of planes left in '44, but maybe.

Sorry, no more ideas here - I'll have to go and see if I can get the same results. Did you have any particular parameters set when you created the original map?


I was able to select planes as denfender when I adjusted it to "allied probe" but maybe it was something else I dont remember changing at the same time?

Parameters in editor were.

-June 44

-clear, mid-day

-allied assault

-defender dug in w/fall backs

nothing else I can think of that would effect it?

I even chose Luftwaffe Mechanized infantry as my division type...but I think it was the same with all division types.

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