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Troubleshooting - PLEASE READ

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Game Does Not Launch - If you receive a DLL registration service error log in as an Administrator, or right click the desktop icon and select 'Run As Administrator' in order to proceed.

Speed - If your game runs slow please try the following:

* Update all your video and sound card drivers to their latest versions

* Update to the latest version of DirectX

* Try running the game in Full Screen mode. This setting can be selected in game via the SETTINGS dialog.

* Try running the game in 16 bit mode. This setting can be selected in game via the SETTINGS dialog. For example, if you are currently running 1280x1024x32, simply change this to 1280x1024x16

* Try running the game with Video Acceleration. This setting can be selected in game via the SETTINGS dialog.

Vista/Windows 7 - In some cases Vista saves files in the following directory:

Drive:\Users\User_Name\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\Program Files\Battlefront\Strategic Command\

This link explains the 'Compatibility Files' problem with people running Vista and not being able to see thier files:


There are two known workarounds:

1) Disable Vista's User Access Control and then it should save the files as expected.

2) The other is that if you do not wish to disable UAC you can try and install the game into any other directory other than the Program Files directory.

For example, C:\Games\Weapons and Warfare etc. If you do this it doesn't seem to redirect the files with UAC enabled.

Dual Monitors - Strategic Command does not support dual monitors. In most cases the game will run very slow and essentially will be unplayable so it is highly recommended that you disable your second monitor when running the game.

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