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All scenarios elsewhere?

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The main place to go for the bulk of the old scenarios is cmmods.com. There are two collections of zip files, an older one called Scenario Salvage or Scenario Depot Salvage (look in each game under desinger names Birdgunner or padivine), and a newer one called Sorted Scenarios (designer name philippe_in_exile).

The main place to go for newer individual scenarios is The Scenario Depot II. In an ideal world it would have included the 3000 + scenarios for the three games mentioned in the preceding paragraph, but at the moment it doesn't. Hopefully someday that will change, because if cmmods ever crashes again all those scenarios will probably get lost forever.

The other place to go for newer scenarios, if you don't mind playing scenarios that may not be finished, is the Depot's sister site The Proving Grounds.

After that there are a host of smaller specialty sites, the most important of which are George McEwan's (even though his material ends up at the Depot), and (in it's current incarnation) Andreas' I Still Wish It Were Der Kessel. The specialty sites are necessary because some scenarios have related mods, maps, or background information that will get lost in a mere listing of scenarios, if it can even be included at all.

But having said that, the community is becoming too fragmented and cliquish, and is now vulnerable to a massive data loss if anything ever happens to those zip files at cmmods. And as it is, most people don't even realize that they exist (mostly because a raw data dump is a very poor substitute for a relational database of scenario files).

The CM games are getting older, so extinction is inevitable. But people seem to be drifting back to them (when their newer computer systems even allow them to install and play them), and it would be a shame if all that material winked out because we were too busy with our private clubs to tend the collective garden.

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That only works once, and only for the individual who burns the cd. The whole idea is to have something that is permanently available to the community in an accessible public place. A cd that I burned four years ago and that is floating around in my cd drawer may not be available to anyone, including me (since I probably won't remember where I put it or what I named it). It doesn't do anyone else any good, especially if they're new players and don't know that there are more scenarios than come with the disk (and most don't). That's one of the reasons why the CM community is getting smaller and smaller.

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Yes, Philippe. All good points you made. I was just thinking in terms of having those files if the web sites go down (like Der Kessel, for e.g.). It's nice to have them at hand for oneself if you cannot even remember where you found them the first time. And moving them from a CD to your game folders is easier than downloading them all over again. Of course, ideally it would be nice, in a perfect world, to have a web site that would ALWAYS be there for all these things!

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Go to cmmods.com, register and start downloading.

Most of the mods are there, and the salvaged and sorted scenarios from the old Scenario Depot are there as well (discussed several posts above in this thread).

The two other places you should visit for mods are Mark Gallear's site and the old CMHQ. You can Google the links or find them by poking through the Resources section of this site. Mark's site has some really useful material that may not be at cmmods, CMHQ is really good for re-acquainting yourself with how the modding got started in the first place.

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Couldn't one go to CMMODS.COM and download the scenarios folder and then burn the folder(s)/files to a CD and have them "permanently" at hand for the future? I've done that with the Bitmap, uniform, and sound mods for CMETO.

Colonel J Lee, you mean that you downloaded all the CMETO related mods automatically or you did it manually?

In other words, is it any way to download all files on CMMODS.com in one click?


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