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Ship blocking Suez disappeared when enemy unit moved in

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In an ongoing PBEM game (patch 1.05a) I've noticed the following. I was protecting Egypt from German invaders coming from the east. In order to make things more difficult for them I placed a cruiser on the Suez tile.

But during my opponent's move a German tank moved to the same tile and my cruiser disappeared.

If the cruiser is undetected by the enemy the above occurs. But if an enemy unit is first placed adjacent to Suez tile, the cruiser is detected and no enemy unit can be placed on the Suez tile afterwards. The problem is likely to occur more frequently now since range for spotting sea units has been halved for land units.

I don't think it should be possible to block enemies in the Suez (but perhaps in the Messina strait). But I don't think the blocking ship should disappear from the game.

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