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2 bugs, dear Hubert

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I wanted to give better amount of point actions to british units for my Falklands mod (10 points per unit), but I discovered that the game registered not that : when I played, the british units had never their 10 points, only 3 or 4, howewer they were in full supply.

I founded the origin of bug : when you give to a british HQ special parameters for combat or

spotting, this HQ and others british units do not have their full point action as choiced by designer in editor. When you restablish

normal parameters for british HQ in spotting and combat, all is correct and they have the exact amount of point action you have choiced in editor.

Tested with french version and only for british units -not tested with us version and other nations.

2° Bug (in game) :

when the fight range of planes or carriers is

high (i.e 15 to 20 tiles), the bug is : in human vs human game, after a plane or carrier has made an attack by long range, the game is blocked.

The bug occurs only in human vs human game, never in human vs AI game.

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Hubert: Concerning the 2° Bug (in game) :

fight range of planes or carriers

1°/ Please, download my flakland's mod on my page (complete mod, or just campaign file, if you want to test quickly, but the graph will be inadapted)

2/ Choice human vs human (hotsea)

3/Choice Falklands scen

4/Playing British, select this unit : "Sea Harrier GR3" (I post below a screen that indicate you the position of this unit)

5/Choice a cible for attack, on Port Stanley or other place on ground

6/After you have made your air attack with the unit (that is a carrier), the game has the bug : all blocked (I have tried this evening and the bug "works" (If I can say that :D )

NOTE : if you choice to "air-attack" an ennemy unit, the bug does not appears. You have to attack one empty tile (city, supply depot,...) if you want to test the bug



The point you have to attack for testing the bug is the "supply depot tile" (little depot with yellow letter) near the argentin unit, at the bottom of image)

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Thanks for the info Fantomas and consider this fixed for the next patch.

Note, I noticed that you have the main_screen.bmp file outside of the Interface directory. If you put it in the Interface directory under v1.05a it will load and display it once you select the campaign. I did notice that this only happens with AI games and I have corrected this so it will display if you select/load Multiplayer games as well.

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