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PBEM conversion to IP Games error

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This is something that seems to occur quite frequently and is a bit strange. In the 1.3 and 1.4 patch... Terif and Rambo both have experienced it with me.

First of all, after finishing and sending and turn-Copying it into the Network directory so it can be converted from E-mail game to IP game, they host and the game requests the opposite player's password when you attempt to join. Generally if you let the other player finish his turn and mail the save back to you in fixes the issue.


it seems to do something to the file to attempt to convert it from E-mail to IP Game. So far I think every time it's when the Host has been an Allied player. usually when that allied player finishes the turn and then sends the file to you to host as Axis, problem solved otherwise this isn't a major glitch but a bit of a headache..


When I attempt to hit cancel because I cannot enter the Password in it says "segmentation error" and reverts back to the Strategic Command 2 Main Menu but it's huge and blanked out. I wonder if this is a personal problem or if others experience it?

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Liam, I'm not 100% sure I understood correctly but the only turns that can be converted, with your password, are the ones that have been sent to you.

For example, you have just received a turn via E-mail and would like to convert it to Hotseat, then by placing it in the Hotseat directory it should work as expected. Is this not the case?

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It is the case, really need Terif to honestly answer here as he and I experienced it first with 1.3 then it happened again in 1.4. With Rambo also, and it happened nearly every time. It seems so far HC all players attempting to load Allies from a converted PBEM to Network game gets an error. Not Hotseat, Terif did that fine when we had our first incident.

The Error is if your opponent is Axis he is requested to enter an Allied Password. I could be wrong if it is just for 1 side. What normally do is have the player resend the turn, and then viola it works...We're not finishing the turn on the other end then attempting to load up from there as a network game..

If a BetaTester would like you may reach me at TMSFORMS@AOL.COM, they can send me an E-mail game and I'll show them. Perform a turn or two and then convert it to IP and I will see if it occurs with other players than Rambo and Terif

The error I get is a segmentation violation and the Password is bogus.. then kicked back to the Mainscreen, and the Resolutions are off and the screen is all black.. it doesn't happen when you try to just load the wrong save in a already existing IP game. Only when converted from E-mail game to IP Game

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If a game is started as PBEM and then we want to continue it via TCP the error occurs (i.e. moving the file to the TCP folder and loading it into SC2). Seems to happen only if the host is playing Allies, so the workaround is to finish the turn via PBEM and send it to the opponent who plays Axis so he can host.

The error is:

When the PBEM turn is loaded as TCP, then it asks both players for the same = allied password. On the side of the player that plays Axis (and is now asked for the wrong (=allied) password) it simply crashes with a segmentation error. On the side of the host = allied player it enters the game and strangely it seems to switch sides and shows the mpps of the opponent (= Axis side) and his units in the frozen start screen for a moment before it looses connection.

This happens also if we start TCP, then continue PBEM and now try to continue TCP again if the host is the allied player. So only the axis player can host and change the play mode at the moment. A conversion by the allied player results in the above mentioned error.

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