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Bring back the hex-grid

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The following is a request/suggestion:

If SC3 ever becomes a possibility, would you please consider returning to the hex-grid map used in SC1?

My two friends and I played our first game of SC2 last night and find it more intuitive to use a hex-grid. Last night we had way too many German units "squirting" through our lines because of the diagonal movement.

Don't get me wrong, I loved SC1 and SC2 has added more to the game, but the square-grid is in my opinion a step backwards. The hex-grid may be "old-fashioned" but it is (again, in my opinion) a better system for simulating movement.


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Hey Frank!

When I say the square-grid is unrealistic, this is what I mean:

Say you have 9 squares, numbered like the numbers on a touch-tone phone: 1-2-3 across the top, 4-5-6 across the middle, and 7-8-9 across the bottom.

If you have defending units in squares 4-5-6, an enemy unit in square 2 can't move to square 8 unless it destroys *at least* one defending unit (we're not considering Zone Of Control effects). This situation makes perfect sense. You have to make an opening before you can exploit it.

If the same defenders are arranged diagonally, in squares 1-5-9, now the opposing forces can move from square 2 to square 4 or from 6 to 8 as if the defenders weren't even there, because of the geometry of the square grid. To defend on the diagonal would require 2 more units.

This isn't a terrible thing, mind you, (unless, of course, you're France, and another !@#$%^& IT corp has slipped into the country because you are short a unit or two even with the Brit's help...) it is just a little disorienting after playing so many games on a hex-grid where this kind of anomoly doesn't appear. (I've played CIV 1,2 and 3 on a square grid and survived...)

As I said, this was just an opinion and a suggestion.

Now if the game imposed a movement penalty for moving between the two units, I would be happier, and I think that this is the case (based on plain observation of the game-play) but I am not sure. Can anyone out there confirm this?


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While I at first didnt like the square grid I could see how it helps make this a war of movement. And that good, what I still hate however is that 'river defence' seams impossiable for the main reason I'm still not sure when your attacking across a river or defending behind one due to the confusion of grids/river paths.

Help on this please?

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I agree with you. As you say defense is very hard due to increase in attack direction and that north-south defense must be guarded with double lines. On the other hand that mean s that if you wanna surtround a unit you now need 8 units instead of 6 which is bad.

I think it's safe to say that tiles were a very bad design decision in terms of gameplay. Not to mention that supplylines can actually cross each other without beeing cut - ridicilous.

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