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US attacks own minor capital

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Playing 1939 campaign as Axis vs. AI. The AI (US) took Vichy Algiers by force a few turns ago. The turn before this saved game, a US bomber sitting on tile 67,31 attacked the capital of Algiers, which it owns, and apparently did damage. I saved the game right after, and it did it one more time on the next turn, but hasn't since for 5-6 subsequent turns.

Unfortunately I can't reload the campaign and get it to do it again. The saved game is below, just in case.

Playing as Axis under patch 1.02.


Also in the same game Sweden joined the Axis after much diplomatic pressure. The Swedish mines in the north (89,1 and 90,1) came along with it, of course, but they would not show me their info (MPP, etc) until I moved a unit on top of them.

- Chris

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Wolfe, thanks for the report and file as I tried to repeat the error you mentioned, i.e. the bomber but was unable to.

For the Swedish mines error, if you see this again, and before you move a unit up there to show you the Mine values send me a turn so I can take a look as that will be the only way for me to verify what might be wrong.



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