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Commonwealth Troops Surrender

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The turn before Egypt surrendered a Commonwealth troop and HQ showed up. I put the Commonwealth HQ on transports but didn't get him to the arrows in time, as I had two other units there, whereas the corp got placed in Amman.

When Egypt surrendered the corp in Amman disappeared, and I believe so did the HQ. Two questions/comments:

1) I can see where British units would surrender when Franch turns Vichy, but it seems anomolous that Commonwealth units esconced in Amman or comfortably heading away from the battlefield in transports would.

2) Had I got those Commonwealth untis to the arrows in time, would they have transited?


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1) Commonwealth units are sort of a slight of hand... these are actually Egyptian units modelled to look like they are a part of the Commonwealth so when Egypt surrenders, i.e. Cairo is captured these units surrender as well.

Note, this was done to prevent these units re-appearing in England when destroyed in North Africa. To balance things out a bit more though I am considering allowing minors to share in their parents' research developments.

2) They should transit but should still surrender once Egypt surrenders.

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