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Save corrupt

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Game runs great until I save. Once I save everything is blended together and multiple cities show on screen(same citie) and black all over the screen.

I have a some what new laptop 7 months old. Gefore go 6800 card and direct x 9.0c.

2.2 comp and 1gig ram. Someone may have posted the same problem but thought I would just incase they have not. SC2

Reinstalled the game and worked completely fine until you save and then go back into the game.

[ April 29, 2006, 10:10 AM: Message edited by: RazorbackJac ]

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Yea Haw and Merry Christmas smile.gif

Have not been able to play this thing since downloaded.

Went into "my computer" and and turn on DEP for essential windows programs and services. I checked this when I first downloaded the game

and after my hard copies came.

But this time I just "hit" apply only because the setting was already correct.

And WaLa! Runs great now. I never hit apply before because the game was in the correct position and never got around too doing the other step if that didn't work.

Thank you Sir. smile.gif SO even if its in the correct spot- some of us just need to hit "apply" only without going thru the additional steps if that does not work.


[ May 07, 2006, 04:18 PM: Message edited by: RazorbackJac ]

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Well, got home from work and fired sc2 up and now its doing it again but now even if I start a new game, there is no change.

I didn't change anything. Was playing fine when I got off last night. No one else gets on my comp(no kids here).

So now I am going slowly thru all of the steps of the Elicense.

Did go back in and hit apply again but nothing.

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Re hit apply a couple days ago and have saved close 6 or more times and game is running fine now. Got home today and ran the game(sc2) and fired up just fine.

So i may check the suggestions out if it continues but as of now runs just fine.

Great game! Just one question. Is the Elicense installed to help fight piracy? The reason I ask is because I bought sc1, the combat mission series and never had these problems. I am not saying it could not be some issue with my computer. But read a article on the web how these types programs are being used and causing gamers all kinds of problems. Thanks,


p.s. Thanks for working with me smile.gif

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