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Unable to declare war in SC2

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I was playing the standard 1939 campaign last night as Axis and when it came to April 1940 and I wanted to DOW on Benelux, I couldn't. :(

The declare war button wouldn't work. No matter which neutral country's flag I selected, when I pressed the declare war button nothing happened. As you can see, rather than be grey it was actually the same colour as the background.

The strange thing is that I saved the game off and loaded it up this morning and it works. This is good news but I'm a bit worried as to what the cause was, and whether it could happen again.


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I ran into the same error.

1940 Weserübung scenario.

I invade in the first turn norway and denmark, and when i tried to attack the benelux, the declare war button looked just the same as in the pic above.

here the error log:

[04/17/2006 8:05:17; 5.1.2600; 1600x1200x32(1); v1.00.00] FAILED(store): Invalid argument

One day before the game halted out of the sudden when i clicked on an unit on the far right of the screen, maybe it was only with one half on the screen.

probably this error log:

[04/16/2006 8:51:43; 5.1.2600; 1600x1200x32(1); v1.00.00] FAILED(mouse_on_rect): Segmentation violation

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Ok I think I found the cause of this DoW bug, looks like when you finish a game, i.e. a GAME OVER victory message appears, the normal thing for the game to do is to disable DoWs... looks like it was not being properly reset (for follow up games) until the whole system is shut down and restarted.

This has been fixed for the first patch.

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