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Fun with Forts and Fortifications

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Fun with Forts and Fortifications

Cross posted thread.

Over the years, I have experimented with forts, field fortifications, and defensive lines. I have designed a number of scenarios representing field fortifications and forts ranging fror simple to complex. One of my goals with these scenarios is to minimize the use of Combat Mission’s bunkers as the main defensive backbone of the scenarios. As with any attack, a good plan is important with these scenarios.

Steppe Pillbox (CMBB)

Size: Small

Turns: 15+

Difficulty: Hard

Play: Axis vs. AI only

The objective is simple… the Germans must destroy a single Russian Bunker. Terrain is open Steppe. I designed this as a "training mission" for myself. Can be over in 5 or 6 turns if lucky… or can chew you up if luck is not on your side. It is your plan and speed that matter most.

Clearing the Field (CMBB)

Size: Medium

Turns: 30+

Difficulty: Moderate

Play: Allied vs. AI (Potential for 2 player, untested as 2P)

Tactical exercise in clearing a minefield primarily using artillery. Advance through minefield to break German line and capture command post.

Relic of the Last War (CMBB)

Size: Small

Turns: 20+

Difficulty: Moderate

Play: Either side vs. AI (Potential for 2 player, untested as 2P)

An earthen infantry works built before the First World War will see action again. Will its obsolete design stand up to the new German tactics?

Combat Outpost Ukraine (CMBB)

Size: Large

Turns: 40+

Difficulty: Very Hard

Play: Axis vs. AI only (suggest NOT increasing AI experience)

Battalion level assault on first line of a Russian fortified zone near Kiev. This must be a well-coordinated attack, especially for your artillery plan. The objective is a fortified combat outpost. Combat outposts were typically the first line of fortified zones designed to slow the enemy attack, gauge its strength, and provide observation for artillery. The outpost provides all around defense (hedgehog) and coordinates various weapon types. Interlocking outposts provide mutual fire support. An attacking enemy will be engaged by various weapons according to their range: artillery, guns, machine guns, small arms.

Tank Trap, Muzeum Blvd., Pest (CMBB)

Size: Medium

Turns: 46+

Difficulty: Hard

Play: H2H or Allies vs. AI

Semi-historical battle. January 17, 1945 -- The Germans and Hungarians are retreating to their fallback line at Muzeum Blvd., just blocks from the Danube River. They must get their tired infantry into place to defend the line. A tank trap blocks this major intersection. A company of Russian pioneers is attacking down Rakoczi Ave. If they can demolish the obstacle, Russian tanks can drive to the river. This is a cut down version from the larger scenario "Kalvin Square, Pest." "Tank Trap" map is narrow and features only the immediate area along this major avenue. (1280 x 240)

Assault on Fort Stalin (CMBB)

Size: Medium

Turns: 42+

Difficulty: Hard

Play: Axis vs. AI only

Semi-historical. German infantry struggles up the slopes and ravines of Fort Stalin, north of Sevastopol. They encounter frigid temperatures and fanatical resistance but they have come too far to stop now. MISSION - destroy the main gun emplacement and secure the north sally port. Artillery is "blind" - you must have an artillery plan before the battle starts. Map and forces small (640 x 560).

Heights -- To the Top! (CMAK)

Size: Large

Turns: 78+ (may be more than you need)

Difficulty: Hard

Play: Allied vs. AI

This one is a big urban brawl. The Germans have developed a superior defensive position along a ridge known as The Heights. In this urban environment, the Germans can use the height of the ridge to direct artillery, guns, and mg fire to harass the American effort. The Americans must advance block-by-block to reach the towering Royal Estate and critical road junction. Will the American's overwhelming artillery support overcome the German's interlocking and fanatical defense? Approx. 5000 artillery/air points combined for both sides. Map medium sized at 1280 x 720.

West Wall -- Assault at Rimburg (CMAK)

Size: Large

Turns: 50+

Difficulty: Hard

Play: Allied vs. AI or H2H

The U.S. 30th Division ("Old Hickory") sets out across the muddy fields near Rimburg Castle to breakthrough Germany's vaunted West Wall. Historical recreation based on period aerial photos and maps, topographical data and overlay maps with bunker locations. Very close to real map. Designed to be played as 2 player or American vs. AI.

As always – thanks to the people who have tested these scenarios at The Proving Grounds and to GJK for hosting these essential community sites. The “sizes” listed above are in my terms, not CM’s. Small: about a company to command; medium: company and up; larger: battalion and up.

Generally speaking, I only consider my scenarios “finished” if they have been playtested a few times. Playtesters are always needed at TPG. Support the community! smile.gif

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