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Game locks up

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Game: Strategic Command v1.7 purchased retail

Problem: The game "locks up" (mouse still controls cursor, but no buttons respond). There is no particular time when this happens accept that it always occurs when I click a button "any button can do it" and the button visually "stays clicked". Once this happens, I can't quit the game, or even shut down my PC normally. I have also noticed my screen fickering some.

P.S. I "think" my sound is already set to 1. Also, I don't care if I have any sound at all, if that helps.

OS: Windows 98 second edition.

PC: 1Ghz AMD processor 768Meg RAM over 8 gig extra HDD space (recently defragged)

Video Card: NVidia GEForce2 MX/MX400

Sound card: none-there is an on board VIA audio controller - SigmaTel CODEC

monitor: Zenith 17" model #ZCM-1750-DT

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Hi Scott,

I've forwarded a short message to your email, but on top of installing the latest drivers and DirectX, I would perhaps also ensure the sound card is working properly by installing the latest drivers for this as well.

It could very well be a sound issue since as you mentioned it only happens when you click on a button, is this right from the get go, i.e. from the main screen?

Sound cannot unfortunately be turned off but if you can ensure that the line 'sound interrupt = 0' is set to 'sound interrupt = 1' that would be great as it could resolve the issue for you. This line can be found in the SC.ini file found in your installation directory.

Hope this helps,


[ July 18, 2004, 11:43 AM: Message edited by: Hubert Cater ]

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