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Odds prediction bug

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Occasionally I will see an odds prediction of 0:1, yet the combat results will be something like 0:4. This usually (if not always) occurs when attacking a unit in a damaged hex- Odessa at resource level 2, for instance. Also, the predicted odds of 0:1 generally seem low; thus I think it's the prediction that is the problem, not the combat results.

For instance, I had a 4-stripe or so German army in good supply and decent readiness backed up by a 3- or 4-stripe HQ only have an odds prediction of 0:1 versus a green Russian corps in a damaged city (not sure if it was HQ-supported or not- doesn't really matter, though). I was surprised at the low odds, but attacked anyway- and did about 4 points of damage, which I would have expected anyhow.

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